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There are over 4,890 Australian Government entitled business grants worth up to $115.9 Bn

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59% of applicants have been eligible for the program

About Us

We help businesses Identify relevant government and non-government grants and quality grant writing services.

On your behalf, we search the available pool of billions of dollars in Federal, State and Local government grants, private grants and other funds - all aligned with your business objectives.

We produce a report, with recommendations as to key grants that might be applicable for your business in its current state, or which might become applicable dependent on the future direction of the business.  

Our reports include production costings and commission fees as required to compete grant applications.


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Medical & Pharmaceutical

Food & Agribusiness

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Can We Help You?

Do you belong to any of the following industries? If so, we can help identify grants. Alternatively if your business supports one of these industries & they make up 60% or more of your turnover, you could be eligible for a business grant.

Types of Grants

Grants start at $20,000 (Entrepreneurs Programme), then $80,000 (Export Market Development) & $90,000 (Research & Development Incentive)

Entrepreneurs  Programme - $20,000

The Entrepreneurs Programme is government initiative to help small businesses become more competitive and to accelerate their growth.  It is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business level competitiveness and productivity.  Eligible applicants receive an analysis of your business by an independent facilitator who develop a roadmap to increase your ability to trade in Australia and/or other markets.

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Export Market Development Grant - $80,000

The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) provides funding and support for Australian companies promoting an eligible product or service in a variety of overseas markets.  EMDG recipients include many of Australia’s best-known exporters, but it’s not just for those with established export lines. The grant can help current exporters grow, and give aspiring export-ready businesses assistance developing sustainable overseas markets.

The EMDG is a forward facing grant where once approved, payments are made in advance of planned spend.

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Research and Development Tax Incentive - $90,000

The Research and Development Tax Incentive (R&D Tax Incentive or R&DTI) helps companies innovate and grow by offsetting some of the costs of eligible research and development (R&D).  

It is the government’s key mechanism to stimulate Australian industry’s investment in R&D.  As R&D is often the first critical step in innovation, it drives technological improvements that lead to productivity improvements and increased economic growth.

This depends on information flow from the client and also the lodgement/ delivery particulars of the service/product. The Entrepreneurs Programme takes approximately 6 weeks. 

The Export Market Development Grant opens August 16 & closes November 30 each year. The R&D Tax Incentive opens July 1st & closes April 30th the following year.

How long is the process?

How big is the team?

Our partners consist of over 100 grant & r&d experts Australia wide. These experts are from various backgrounds but are all certified to assist with grants for businesses.

We ask your details & if you qualify we help connect you with a business grant expert who can help you.

The expert will then give you a call to obtain more information from you & give you an idea of whether or not you could qualify for a grant.

What do you deliver?

We search the available pool of billions of dollars in Federal, State and Local government grants, private grants and other funds - all aligned with your business objectives.

What does Grant Buddy help with?

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